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A bit late with this, but our April18 trip to Dartmouth was a great weekend, the weather was fine and the accomodation was 1st class. We dived from Falcon 2 and were made very welcome on board. Whilst the viz could have been better, we dived a good assortment of marks and I'm certainly looking forward to diving the Bretagne again in the future.

Thanks to the organisers for a good trip.

New Activities

New Dives next week on Far Mullberry Harbour. Ideal for first dive of year shakedown or Ocean divers wnating to dive from the Rib.


TRY Dives on the 17th April at Guildford all welcome, book through website contact menu or club facebook page.

Committee Meeting

As planned the last committee meeting addressed the future of the club and how we see it developing. In keeping with the BSAC national policy and reflecting national popular concerns, we discussed how to increase the attraction of our club and diving as a sport to women. Barriers were identiifed as lack of women appearing in promotional material and the perception, albeit incorrect, that the club may be heavily male dominated.  Plans were put in place to change where necessary our promotional material and online presence and to offer female only try dives with only female club representatives in the pool these will be advertised shortly.

To see the full minutes go to the club documents in the members area.

New Dives for 2018

We're kicking off the season with a dive on Easter Monday, more details of the following weeks will be released shortly. The Dartmouth expedition is soon a approaching so take the opportunity to get out on the Rib and check out your dive gear and technique.

January 2018 update



2018 has arrived and we finally managed to hold our 2017 AGM last Tuesday.  Nothing can stop us now. 


There is just a chance that the size of the committee outnumbers the non -committee members in our club.  Not daunted by this I am delighted that Simeon has joined us to lead on marketing, social media and communication.  The only other change is that Paul Elliot will be our Diving Officer and Paul Stafford takes on the training role.  Thanks to everyone for their contributions to a positive 2017.


We were pleased to welcome another Paul on Tuesday evening.  He will be try diving with us next Tuesday.  We will again be using the pool at Guildford Spectrum.  We have 4 Try divers and further interest in the pipeline.  I am optimistic that we will be able to run an Ocean Diver course this year.  The big message from our last Try Dive evening, is that the more people who get involved, the better the event. 


The willingness to get involved was further evidenced by the response to John’s appeal for help with maintaining our trailer.  A work - day is planned for March and a beer or two afterwards will no doubt make it all worthwhile.


We are looking forward to our trip to Dartford – or is it Deptford? It looks like Dartmouth 2018 will be the first 7 Seas trip with an indoor swimming pool, gym and sauna.  Or am I dreaming?


As a club we are giving considerable thought as to how we build our numbers and encourage people who would love to dive, but may feel our sport is not something for ‘people like them’.  I feel we are in a stronger position to move forward with getting our message out into the community and deliver a great experience for those who take up the opportunity of a ‘Try Dive’.  We should be able to deliver a first class training course.  Brilliant stuff if we all get involved in any way we can.


We will hold our next meeting in February to nail down these ideas with a plan for the year.  I will put out the date when I remember it!  I was completely lost when my phone died on Tuesday and my diary was inaccessible. Progress!


So wishing you all a safe New Year.  Thanks for renewing and keeping your involvement going.  We hope to have more social events in the coming weeks to encourage people out during the remaining winter months. 


Catch up soon



Paul - Chair

Happy New Year


Happy new year to all members and followers of the club.

Should be a good diving year.


Invitation from Guildford BSAC - Project Highball with speaker Mark Paisley



Come along to the Waterside on 5th December or a very exciting Event. ! Project Highball with speaker Mark Paisley

Tuesday 5th December at 7.30pm
WW2 Project Highball night

Mark Paisley (from East Cheshire Sub Aqua Club)  is going to be sharing with us the exciting challenges of the recovery. The Highballs are the first examples of these famous Barnes Wallis bouncing bombs to be recovered in more than 70 years. The recovery was conducted by Royal Navy clearance divers from the Faslane-based Northern Diving Group and Sub Aqua Club divers.

Food is being served from 7.00pm and the bar will be open. Cost of the curry will be a £5.00 contribution to support the club. Please bring your guests to what, no doubt will be a fantastic opportunity to witness history in the making.. It’s going to be quite a night!
Please let Gill Vance know how many places you would like.

 Gill Vance

07767 836129

BSAC Guildford

The Waterside

26 Riverside





Chair's update October 2017

My last update spoke about growing the club and the exciting opportunities opening up with BSAC Guildford. So its good news that we have agreed to run a 'Try Dive' evening with sole access to Guildford’s pool facilities.

Paul and Helen have arranged a try dive date on 21 November 2017 for a group of older scouts.  We also have three potential new  trainees/ members who we would like to encourage to come along. This is a great opportunity to hone our pool skills, give something to the community, grow club funds, increase our membership and run a training course early next year.

We will invite the Scouts to a dry session in Sutton the week before to do all the paper work and get sized up for kit. What makes try dives a success is the involvement of the whole club especially on the pool side to assist instructors and others in the pool.  We will also need some extra kit to enable us to maximise the numbers we can put through.

So this is a rallying call for all to get involved.  Please confirm your availability and role you would like to take on. Also whether you have some spare kit we can use. The sooner we have names, the easier it will be to confirm our plans and make the evenings a success.  Please reply to me.

This builds on our social and training event next Tuesday.  Don’t forget the AGM set for 28 November 2017.  As always, if you fancy taking on a committee role - let me know.  The club will need a renewed sense of drive if we are to capitalise on the great things we have done this year.

2018 is already looking positive, with trips to Dartmouth and the Isle of White planned and the promise of warmer climes towards the end of the year.

See you on Tuesday at 8pm

Paul - Chair.

First Aid Refresher - 24th October in aid of club funds

Helen is running a First Aid Refresher on the 24th October in aid of club funds.

The evening will be £15 including fish and chips and a class covering CPR, Choking prevention, AED training as well as other items. 

Open to all, please bring family and friends and make it a great social night and well as refreshing and learning a vital skill.

All proceeds go to the club funds.

Chair's update - September 2017

View from the Chairman’s boardroom - well we all dream a little


You know that a club is in good health when around the table at a committee meeting people volunteer ideas and offer to follow up on them. That’s what happened tonight, aided by Lemon drizzle rather than moaning grizzle.


Now I didn’t drink so much Isle of Man beer last week that my beer goggles have failed to clear.  I am first and foremost a pragmatist. We have some major challenges if we are to survive and thrive. When I took on the role of chair last year, I spoke about a period of consolidation for 7 Seas.  We had after all lost our training officer, diving officer, boat officer and chair not to mention our pool.  During the year I have challenged myself frequently about whether such a strategy displayed a lack of ambition on my part? After tonight I believe we have consolidated as a club and must now look towards building on strong foundations and yes – show some ambition!  We owe a huge debt to members and our committee for their efforts over recent months.  Guess what – we’ve been diving – even me.


So what did we come up with?


We are planning a trip to the Isle of White in 2018, taking the RIB and providing opportunities for our aspirant advanced divers to demonstrate their logistical skills.  Already we have people signed up. We will be asking for deposits to ensure the trip goes ahead.


We are planning on resurrecting our trip to Dartmouth following this year’s cancellation by the hard-boat operator. Still amazed that Joe wants to organise trips for us.


The Canaries are our preferred warm water destination for 2018.  Just hoping a former club member completes on a dive centre purchase!  Fingers crossed.  If not the destination still looks a likely venue for the 7 Seas annual week in the sun.


We are planning on purchasing a new trailer for our boat.  Have wheels – might travel?  We will be organising some social events with the aim of making some monies for the club and securing the purchase.


We are planning a first aid training night under the capable tuition of Helen.  She promises lots of fun and you can be there.  Tuesday 24 October.  £15.00 per head to include a fish and chip supper. 


We will become more social media savvy – saves the chairman blogging.


We will be arranging try dives on a quarterly basis down at Guildford.  We are already firming up plans for an event in October and have participants lined up.  We aim to secure trainees through this route and grow the club again.


Dives are planned for the next few weeks.  I am down for the Northcotes - third time lucky with the weather? I also need another opportunity to deploy my SMB after a limp effort in the Isle of Man.  I will be taking Viagra this time (for the SMB).  We had a great time in the Isle of Man.  Have a look at the video, which should be uploaded, to our site soon.


…And finally some serious club business:


Renewals are due.  Mike is encouraging members to take out a £10.00 per month standing order and a direct debit with BSAC for their annual fees.  That leaves him with medical self – declarations which can be signed on a Tuesday night. Anything we can do to ease the pressure on him would be appreciated.  If you want to dive after October your membership must be renewed.


The AGM is scheduled for 28 November 2017.  Let’s move from consolidation to ambition.  We are ready. 


Above all never ever lose sight of the fact that diving is fun.


Paul (Chair)








Invitation to Guildford BSAC Speaker Programme 

Invitation to Guildford BSAC Speaker Programme 

Please circulate to your members, they will be most welcome to join this event.  RSVP to Lorna Nye - lorna_nye@hotmail.com


Please join us at 9pm on Tuesday 5th September for a presentation and workshop on Underwater Photography - Back to Basics with the renowned underwater photographer Paul “Duxy” Duxfield.  Paul will be sharing his top techniques for getting the best from all underwater cameras and will give his no nonsense views what really matters in underwater photography.

Paul will give his tips on taking wide angle, macro, and fully manual shots, how to take top notch video and, if you are thinking of buying and an underwater camera kit, Paul will take us through what's currently on offer and give his advice on some of the best cameras and housings; advice that can make all the difference and save you money when upgrading.



About Paul Duxfield 

Photography expert, Paul Duxfield has a passion for photography in all its shapes and forms, but reserves a special place for Underwater Photography and Video.  His presentations and workshops dispel the myths that underwater photography is difficult or equipment complex and costly. Whatever your level of photography or diving, you are sure to come away having learnt to take better pictures.


Please confirm to Lorna Nye if you will be joining us on 5th September.


Chris Day

Membership Secretary 

Guildford BSAC

The Waterside Centre, Riverside, Guildford, GU1 1LW



Invitation to Guildford BSAC Speaker Programme

Invitation to Guildford BSAC Speaker Programme 


Deep Diving and Hyperbaric O2 - Lt. Commander Cyril Lafferty RN – Ex Head of Royal Navy Diving Training and Mine-Warfare

In the 1960s and 1970s the Royal Navy was setting new benchmarks for depth and saturation diving, its divers were among the world leaders in the development of new equipment and diving practices and at the forefront was Lt. Commander Cyril Lafferty one of the UK’s pioneers in deep diving technology.

Cyril Lafferty trained with the Royal Navy as a Clearance Diver working in bomb and mine disposal and on a number of major marine incidents including the Sea Gem (1965) and Torrey Canyon (1967). He subsequently joined the Royal Navy’s deep diving research team, taking part in 600ft dives in the early 1960's and commanded a specialist team diving to 250ft on compressed air for aircraft and nuclear  weapon recovery operations. Cyril was invited by the US Navy to take part in the Sealab lll  experiments and qualified as a USN Aquanaut together with Phillip Cousteau and the astronaut, Commander Scott Carpenter.

As one of the pioneers of saturation diving, Cyril took part in and ran experimental dives to 300m and was appointed Captain of HMS Reclaim, the navy's deep diving research and salvage ship and took charge of all naval diving training and mine-warfare training.

Leaving Royal Navy in 1977, Cyril became a submersible pilot and manager of the diver lockout fleet for Vickers Oceanics, worked for both BP and British Gas in their underwater engineering and safety groups and set up a consultancy company to work with offshore oil and diving companies.

In his retirement Cyril has worked extensively with the Multiple Sclerosis Hyperbaric Oxygen facility at the Guildford  Waterside Centre and as Senior Training Advisor for the 60 centres that are members of the National MS Therapy Centres group. 




Cyril Lafferty will be speaking about his pioneering work in saturation diving and the use of Hyperbaric O2 at the Guildford Waterside Centre on Tuesday 25th July at 9pm.  Food will be available from 7:30pm (more info to follow) 


Chris Day                                                                                  Lorna Nye

Membership Secretary                                                          Social Secretary

daychris.home@gmail.com                                                                      lorna_nye@hotmail.com


Guildford BSACThe Waterside Centre, Riverside, Guildford, GU1 1LW


Home Address:14 Gateways, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2LF
01483 578490, 07899 020169


Vobster Today

Despite the weather five of us went to Vobster and managed to get some training done. Thanks to PJ for giving up his time which allowed Adrienne and I to hone our instructing skills on Simeon and Izzie. We managed to get a good start on both their SD’s. Well done to Izzie and Simeon. 

Next week, SUPER NEAP, The Gascony!!! I’m going down to dive as is Adrienne, please book on via the website or email me. Meet at the marina at 8am, slack is 11:15. We’ll be unable to get back to the slip until 3pm so we could do a second drift dive, as it’s a super neap it will be quite leisurely.

Wreck of The Pentyrch - 25th June -Cancelled Due Weather AGAIN!!!!

Tomorrow's dive on the Wreck of The Pentyrch is cancelled due the strong winds. Next weekend is on a Super Neap and the dive site will be the  The Gascony a torpedoed steamer which was sunk in January 1918. At the time there was some confusion as to whether its end was brought about by a torpedo or a mine, but post-war examination of U-boat records confirmed it was a torpedo fired by UC-75.

 LW Slack  is 11:15 meet at Marina 08:00

The slip is unusable between 11am and 3pm so a second drift dive could happen on the way back.

Suitable for Experienced Sports Divers and above. Any OD's who would like to dive email me as if there are insufficent numbers for The Gascony I will plan a shallower dive.


Gascony - Cancelled Due Weather

Next weeks dive occurs on another big Spring weekend meaning there is little or no slack. As a result I thinking of looking at trying to find the Meteor Aircraft just south of Littlehampton and then a drift in the general area. If we are unable to find the Meteor we can move over to The Waldrons and drift there. Depth is 10m for the Meteor and 15m for the Waldrons, all perfect for OD's

Sunday May 28th's Diving

Another day of good diving from the club rib; except for the visibility. Simeon finally got back in the water and Izzie also did her first dive of the year. Thanks to all, we even saw a rare glimpse of Paul Chappell on the boat! 

Next weeks dive, the Gascony

Bucklands Lake Dive 12/2/17


A few of us braved the cold at Bucklands lake on Sunday. I doubted my sanity as I brought my cylinder up from the garage in the snow on Saturday; but it all went well and we had a good day at this new site, fettling our kit for the new season.

Paul E

Far Mulberry Night Dive

Far Mulberry Night Dive

This has been talked much about at the club, let's try and get it sorted this year. Please email me if you are interested.