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Keep in Touch

Whilst in lockdown the club has kept in contact with Weekly "zoom" meetings to replace our Tuesday evening club night.

We've had quite a reasonable size group so far with some members who would normally be too distant for the conventional meetings. If you haven't joined in yet why not say hello next week. The login details have been distributed to members by email. Let me know if you have a problem joining.

Paul E

Covid-19 pandemic

In accordance with government guidelines all external club activities will cease until further notice.

Obviously online activities will continue during this period.

Tuesday Meetings are now being held via Zoom, check club emails for details.

Best wishes to all during this difficult time.


A1 and Invincible 7/8/2018


A1 submarine_Martin Davies_web version.jpg

Wow! what a day, two dives on historic wrecks in one day both with great viz ( close to shore at <12m we were getting 6-8m). Very interesting wreck sites The Invincible (it wasn't) sank in 1758 and the timbers look like new a really interesting dive. The A2 again great viz and plently of time to investigate all the features of the first British designed and built submarine in use by the navy.

Thanks to Martin Davies of the NAS (and the A1 lincensee)  for Hosting and providing so much information (and pic above). Also well done John Dalley for organising another great trip.

Some links with info about the wrecks:

HMS Invincible (1758)
HMS m/A1 submarine (1911)

M2 Dive Report

Adrienne has written a report on the recent club Dive on the M2, It was obviously a great dive. Video to Follow.

The report is in the usual place Club Info >> Reports, Pics and Video. (dont forget to log in first)

SS Jaffa

The Rib was out yesterday, typical British diving conditions: Force 1-2 wind, flat calm seas and brilliant sunshine. We dived the Jaffa as planned and I for one had a great dive. Viz was interesting, the water was crystal clear at the surface but dropped to about 2m at 26m. I guess the Algae bloom is finally clearing down so things are getting better. Plenty of fish life as per normal in the channel (just to get in the way of the wreck :)) with a smattering of crabs, Lobster and smaller crustaceans. Some conger were spotted on the wreck by everyone else. I suppose the boilers and the prop are the main features on interest left on this wreck that was sunk in 1918, and they are quite impressive. The only kit failure was the pen used for recording Marshall sheets. Great day, thanks to all involved and especially Joe for Boat handling etc. All looking really good for IOW next week, have fun, I wish I was going to be there.

JaffaDive copy.jpg


Dartmouth main.jpg

A bit late with this, but our April18 trip to Dartmouth was a great weekend, the weather was fine and the accomodation was 1st class. We dived from Falcon 2 and were made very welcome on board. Whilst the viz could have been better, we dived a good assortment of marks and I'm certainly looking forward to diving the Bretagne again in the future.

Thanks to the organisers for a good trip.

New Activities

New Dives next week on Far Mullberry Harbour. Ideal for first dive of year shakedown or Ocean divers wnating to dive from the Rib.


TRY Dives on the 17th April at Guildford all welcome, book through website contact menu or club facebook page.


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