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Saturday 21st July 2018

Saturday 21st July 2018

Another great dive off the club rib (6th week in a row), out of Littlehampton marina, this time on the wreck off the SS Shirala and a drift dive on the nearby Waldrons.

Weather conditions were excellent, light clouds with Sunshine, the surface waters were like a mill pond, with temperatures at the sea bed a barmy 21ºc. Visibility was good at  4m for both dives.

SS Shirala Wreck

A 22m dive, this wreck sank exactly 100 years ago this month. All divers saw a wide range of sea life including large crabs, many types of fish of varying sizes, Conga eels and the one the largest lobsters experienced diver John had ever seen! The crustacean must have been at least 3ft in length and a good 20lbs!! From now on it will be called Zoidberg, Futurama fans will know what I mean!!

The wreck itself is well broken up but the general layout is still discernible with masts, boilers, plating and timberheads all easily locatable. The current was negligible so divers could happily hover above the different parts of the wreck and explore nooks and crannies. When sunk this ship allegedly had diamonds as part of the cargo, but alas no sign of them today!

The Waldrons - Drift Dive

A 12m dive. For the those new to diving a Drift Dive consists of floating just above the sea bed and allowing the current to take you along. Attached to the diver is a DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy), a long 2 meter bright orange sausage like float, that is on the surface and attached to the diver via a super strong cord so the surface boat can follow the divers as they drift along.

This type of dive is extremely relaxing, its like being on a bus, you just watch the World go by while being totally relaxed, or Zen as Paul calls it.

Again the water visibility was clear and there was lots to see, a huge number of Star fish, many of at least 8 to 10cm in length, large brown crabs, scallops and many other shellfish.

All in all two great dives followed by a pint in the pub (non drivers only!), on the way home to compare notes and update the dive records.

Interested in diving? Want to know more? Why not come along to a ˜Try Dive  in our local swimming pool and see for yourself. Details via the contact page.

Chesil Beach

What a day, a cloudless Sunny Day, a relatively quiet beach for a Bank Holiday, not bad drive home and a nice pint at the end of the day.  

Now the diving! 10 -15m vis, crystal clear water, and life galore. We saw Cuttle Fish, Angler Fish, Pipe Fish, a huge selection of Nudibranchs, crabs, lobsters, and just about every fish you can see in the UK, all with a pleasant 14 degree water.

Amy and Paul both got in the water for their first dives. Amy notched up three dives, Paul two. Helen, Izzie and Damien had a couple of nice dives too.

All in all one of the best days diving in the UK for a long time. I’ve warned Amy and Paul it’s not always like that!!

Thanks to all for coming mucking in and making a great day.





First Aid Refresher - 24th October in aid of club funds

Helen is running a First Aid Refresher on the 24th October in aid of club funds.

The evening will be £15 including fish and chips and a class covering CPR, Choking prevention, AED training as well as other items. 

Open to all, please bring family and friends and make it a great social night and well as refreshing and learning a vital skill.

All proceeds go to the club funds.

Invitation to Guildford BSAC Speaker Programme

Invitation to Guildford BSAC Speaker Programme 


Deep Diving and Hyperbaric O2 - Lt. Commander Cyril Lafferty RN – Ex Head of Royal Navy Diving Training and Mine-Warfare

In the 1960s and 1970s the Royal Navy was setting new benchmarks for depth and saturation diving, its divers were among the world leaders in the development of new equipment and diving practices and at the forefront was Lt. Commander Cyril Lafferty one of the UK’s pioneers in deep diving technology.

Vobster Today

Despite the weather five of us went to Vobster and managed to get some training done. Thanks to PJ for giving up his time which allowed Adrienne and I to hone our instructing skills on Simeon and Izzie. We managed to get a good start on both their SD’s. Well done to Izzie and Simeon. 

Wreck of The Pentyrch - 25th June -Cancelled Due Weather AGAIN!!!!

Tomorrow's dive on the Wreck of The Pentyrch is cancelled due the strong winds. Next weekend is on a Super Neap and the dive site will be the  The Gascony a torpedoed steamer which was sunk in January 1918. At the time there was some confusion as to whether its end was brought about by a torpedo or a mine, but post-war examination of U-boat records confirmed it was a torpedo fired by UC-75.

 LW Slack  is 11:15 meet at Marina 08:00


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