dive calendar

Red Sea Trip Northern Wrecks and Brothers

Christmas Dinner

Extraordinary General Meeting

Farewell to PJ dinner

Far Mulberry - Cancelled Due to Poor Weather Conditions

Selsey Pier - Blown out AGAIN!

U1195 - Hardboat

Web Site Info

Dive Planning Evening

HMT Pine - Cancelled due weather.

Gascony - Cancelled Due Weather

Committee Meeting

Ore Wreck - Cancelled due weather, AGAIN!


Meteor/Drift - 11th June - Cancelled Due to Weather!!!

Northcoates and a Second Dive - 18th June

The Gascony - 2nd July

Ore Wreck - 30th July

The Basil - 16th July

Wreck of The Pentyrch - 25th June -Cancelled Due Weather.

Quiz & Bingo Night

Meteor/Drift - 23rd July

The Gascony - 6th August

Mid Week Special - The Northcoates - Tuesday 1st August

HMT Pine - Sunday 13th August

Newhaven harbour wall

Ore Wreck 24th September

Northcoates - 1st October - Cancelled Due to Weather

Meteor/Drift - 8th October

Bognor Drift - 15th October

Nortcoates - 29th October

Christmas Dinner

Far Mullberry Harbour

Far Mullberry Harbour

Far Mulberry Night Dive

Far Mulberry Training Dive

Quiz and Pizza Night

Glenlee / Pine

Christmas Meal 2018

SS Pentyrch 6th May

Northcoates or Gascony

Unknown Dungy

Pentyrch - Sunday 22nd September

BSAC Thames Boat Run - Postponed due to Covid-19

Swanage Pier Sunday 16th August

Mulberries Night Dive

Selsey Beach Dives

Club Rib Training

Swanage Pier Sunday 16th August

Swanage Pier

St Andrews Dive lake, Quarry Grove, Kent, ME2 1BA

The Far Mullberry Harbour

The Ore Wreck

The Northcoats

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Rib Dive
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