Diver Training

Welcome to the Training Page

- If you're new to Diving or want further dive qualifications, then your in the right place.

Training Levels Available:

We can train you progressively through BSAC grades from Ocean Diver through to Advanced Diver. Various other skill development courses are run such as boat handling and navigation. Don't forget that in addition to formal courses the club environment allows you to learn from more experienced members continuously. All our instructors are volunteers and don't charge for training but some charges to cover materials, insurance etc. are necessary a full list of available trainining and prices can be found HERE.

Qualified through another agency (PADI, CMAS, SSI)?

No problem! You can dive with us within your current qualification limits. If you wish to progress through the BSAC grades then cross training is available in the club.

Where to Start?

Classroom Session at SuttonCBL practiceThe Ocean Diver Course aims to equip a diver to dive with the club in a variety of conditions to a depth of 20m.

The course starts with a thorough grounding in diving theory in the classroom. These lessons usually take place at the club in Sutton on a Tuesday evening.

The course develops the diver by progressively teaching the practical aspects in a pool.


The course continues in open water usually at an inland lake such as Stoney Cove (Leicester), Vobster Quay (Somerset) or Wraysbury Lake. Here more practical diving skills can be practiced such as navigation along with progression to deeper water.

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