Nortcoates - 29th October


So let's try again!!! Great tides this weekend with a small tidal range and right on neaps therefore I suggest we dive the Northcoates which has been on a few peoples wish lists. This armed trawler is lying on a 26m-deep seabed so open to all SD's and above.


Slack on the Northcoates is 10:00, so let's meet at 08:00 and launch as soon as we are ready. Don't foget the clock change. The slip will be unusable after the dive until 13:45 so we can slow return. For more information on the Northcoates take the wreck tour.


Northcoates - Map.jpg


26 meters

When - (Arrive at marina): 

Sunday, October 29, 2017 - 08:00

Max Divers: