Ore Wreck - 30th July

Good tides and a good dive for OD's as the maximum depth is 18m. General depth is 14m.

Ore Wreck 

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The seabed on the site consists of sand and sandy gravel, with a covering layer of dead shells.

What is left on the seabed?

Bow SectionThe wreck is lying on even keel with a slight list to port on a fairly flat seabed. It is orientated northwest - southeast with the bow in the southeast. As the layout of the wreck is clear, the descriptions refer to port, starboard, bow and stern.

The site, including the debris field, measures 74m x 20m. The wreck itself measures 67m x 8m. From the propeller at the stern to the first cargo hold, the wreck forms a line on the seabed, but the bow section is broken off and lying at an angle to the starboard side.

In general the hull structure is heavily eroded and where present only survives to a level of one metre proud of the seabed. The most prominent feature on the site is the engine room 20m forward of the stern. Here, the two cylinder compound steam engine and the main scotch boiler are fully intact and stand 3.36 and 3m proud of the seabed respectively.

At least three cargo holds, two forward of the engine room and one aft are represented by square concreted mounds of iron ore. The aft hold or holds measure 10m by 8m and stand 2.5m proud of the seabed. No.2 hold forward of the engine room measures 6m by 9m. No.1 hold measures 8m by 8m, as does an area of debris forward of No.1 hold. The preserved part of the bow section measures 1.58m by 1.56m and stands 1.16m proud of the seabed.

Fittings and machinery originally located on the deck of the vessel, such as cargo winches and a spare propeller have collapsed and are now sitting upright on the seabed or on the concreted cargo mounds.

While the seabed south of the wreck is fairly sterile, there is a scatter of debris along the port side of the wreck in the North.

Slack is 10:30, so leave launch at 9am, meet at 8am.


18 meters

When - (Arrive at marina): 

Sunday, July 30, 2017 - 08:00

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